Are you learning to fly or looking to return to aviation after a long break?
Utility Air, in conjunction with Diamond, are proud to announce the first Diamond Flight Training Centre in the Region

Diamond Aircraft are the best Training Aircraft in the world. There is a fleet of modern training aircraft manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries all around Australia and New Zealand, sold through Utility Air expressly for the purpose of training pilots to the highest standards. Any training organisation we refer you to are audited by Utility Air and will have a modern Diamond Fleet for you to learn on.

Our training aircraft feature state of the art avionics with glass cockpits often found in current day turboprop and jet aircraft. Glass cockpit avionics increase flight safety by increasing situational awareness for the pilot. By training on modern equipment, it makes the transition to more complex aircraft much easier and gives you a training advantage if you are planning to fly professionally.


Massey University operate DA40 and DA42 aircraft for flight training. The aircraft have stood up well to the rigours of flight training with around 7000 hours on them now and we enjoy our dealings with and the support we get from Utility Air.

Frank Sharp, Manager Professional Programmes, Massey University

Flight Training Adelaide operate the largest fleet of Diamond Aircraft in the Southern Hemisphere. The fleet is robust and copes well with high utilisation. The service we receive from Utility Air, Exclusive Diamond Distributors for the region is excellent.

Johan Pineer, CEO and Director, Flight Training Adelaide

UNSW purchased 8 DA40’s for flight training in 2009. The aircraft now have around 6000 hours on them and continue to perform well. John and Stephen provide excellent service and I enjoy dealing with them.

Malcolm Good, Director of Flying Operators and Chief Pilot, University of New South Wales