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Diamond aircraft are known throughout the industry for their flexibility and stunning value for money. Typically, this is the aircraft of choice for the first-time buyer and many people choose to learn their craft aboard the DA 40, for example. These aircraft are very capable and able to deal with the varied type of terrain and the changeable weather conditions found in this region. Simply put, these aircraft are a great fit for travelling intermediate distance for work or pleasure.

There are so many examples around that spare parts, as and when you need them, will not be difficult to source and these planes are relatively easy to work on. It is no surprise that Diamond Aircraft are now considered by many to be the leading brand and manufacturer of piston engine, fixed wing aircraft types.

So, what if you are looking for a used Diamond aircraft for sale?

The Diamond DA 40 TDI is a great example of a single engine propeller, used extensively throughout Australia. It is known for being economical and is a great handling IFR plane, loaded with the latest avionics and pilot aids. This plane can be configured easily with its single throttle by wire lever and it’s no surprise that it is equally as popular among flying schools as it is with private buyers. If you’re thinking about getting your hands on one, a 2003 example with 1,548 hours recently went for $149,500 in Australia, including GST.

Meanwhile, a 2006 Diamond DA40 2NG Twin Star was advertised for sale in the Czech Republic at a cost of €350,000, with 2,093 total time air frame.

However, if you want to compare the cost of a used plane with a new one, a 2020 Diamond DA 40 XLT was recently advertised for $456,800 in the US.